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Krista Fogelsong
Oct 15th, 2020 9:43:00pm
I taught one yoga class at 8:30 am. September 27-October 3 2020. It's on a platform with a covered area for shade. It's a great location overlooking the pool an ocean. Plus...people in the lobby can see your class which encourages people to join the following days. The e-team was non existent. It wasn't a problem because my husband helped me with mats and towels every morning. But, just so you know you're on your own. The resort is modern and close to town which we really loved. It was during the pandemic so things are definitely different. But, we would come back.
Sep 29th, 2020 1:28:28pm
This was my first teaching vacation and I'll definitely do another. I won't return to this resort as most food wasn't good and there was no clear way to know which restaurants were closed each night without just showing up and finding out (schedule posted was not accurate). But I loved the rooms and the views of the ocean were amazing. Unfortunately, the hard push to attend the timeshare presentation was constant from staff, even after we attended.
Laura - Massachusetts
Mar 2nd, 2020 1:23:07pm
I taught one daily yoga class at 8AM in the wedding gazebo overlooking the pool/beach. The attendees ranged in age from 20-70 with varying degrees of yoga experience from beginner to expert. It was an amazing experience! I arrived at the gazebo at around 6AM daily to clean and setup the space, students started arriving around 7:45AM. I taught around 12 students daily and varied the class based on the students that showed up and feedback from repeat students. I did a vinyasa flow style class with a lot of stretching and the length varied from 45-60 minutes based on the class. Everything was amazing, the views, the room, the staff - I cannot wait to return to this resort!
Stacey Byrne
Dec 26th, 2019 9:49:40am
This is a wonderful small luxury hotel. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching yoga here on the large covered gazebo each morning. Only had to instruct one class daily at 09:00. We had anywhere from 4 to 12 participants (ranging from beginner to experienced). The ocean view while practicing yoga was gorgeous. The staff and food were amazing. My only complaint is the beach. It is not usable. It is rocky and dirty. The resort doesn't do much to maintain it which is a shame. I realize the Pacific coast is not powdery white, but the beachfront can be kept clean with little daily effort. We stayed in October and it stormed the first night. Otherwise, the weather was mostly good. The entertainment team was excellent and very helpful. I would highly recommend this resort if you don't mind the beach issues. Overall it was a great stay!
Nancy L from London, ON
Dec 12th, 2019 9:49:55am
We had a fantastic week. I was initially disappointed that my room assignment was in the NOW building, but it was a king room on the 4th floor, and I think the sunset view was actually better than on the Secrets side. Other than a little more walking, it was no inconvenience - and who doesn't need more walking with all the eating and drinking! I have been to resorts where the ETeam bring all the mats, towels, water and special drinks, but the mats were in an easy location for my husband and me to take them up the stairs, and several day, for him to dash down for more. The mats were in decent shape. All the staff at SVB are incredible and helpful when they can be. I will return to this resort!
Carol; Ontario, Canada
Dec 11th, 2019 4:21:30pm
Our room was on the Now side as Secrets was fully booked. This was not a problem at all as the Now side was quieter! We really enjoyed this resort and loved watching the whales! Thank you for providing such an amazing opportunity!
Michelle Snook
Dec 11th, 2019 1:34:59pm
I taught Zumba M-Sat at either 3pm or 4pm poolside. It was so hot that the classes were only 30 minutes. I taught to guests on the pool deck but also had participants in the pool as it was right there. I The Entertainment staff always participated and 8-10 guests. Ages ranged as I was on family side and adult side of resort. The Entertainment staff was fantastic and always right there to help.
Jackie San Francisco
Dec 5th, 2019 3:14:23pm
I am a Zumba instructore and my classes were scheduled poolside a 4 PM. It was a very hot time of day with no shade. I focused on the people in the swim-up bar and they responded very well to my playlist. I think they had a good time. It wasn't the original plan, but it worked out well and the entertainment team were very complimentary.
Veena from Orange County, CA.
Dec 3rd, 2019 12:54:13pm
I teach Ananda yoga, means alignment, warm up, stretching and more focus on breath. Hatha yoga lead by breath.I taught classes Monday through Saturday and most of the times we did few minutes meditation along with.Some days 14 students and other days 7 or 8. Age of the students varied from 25 to 65.My yoga teachings are very spiritual, holistic but not related with religion. Aim of my teaching yoga is to inspire others to have relaxation, peace and joy.
Connie from Houston
Sep 6th, 2019 2:15:56pm
Taught yoga at 8:30am every morning in the gazebo above the pool area. One morning it was raining so I taught the class in the gym. Participants knew from the daily schedule where to meet me. I picked up the mats out of the storage room prior to teaching and the gym staff person returned them after class.I taught full body spectrum all week. Participants ranged from 2 to 10 every day. Ages from early 20's to early 60's. All levels plus a few who had never taken yoga.
Tracie, Phoenix, AZ
Jul 19th, 2019 10:32:26am
We absolutely loved Secrets Vallarta Bay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I traveled with 2 friends June 16 - 23rd. The resort, staff, rooms, food, entertainment were exceptional and I highly recommend this resort or Now Amber, family resort that is connected. I taught Zumba next to the pool on both the adult and family side. I only taught one time on the adult side as the family side really seemed to like me. I would teach at either 2:45pm or 4pm each day and they would set up a canopy on the family side for shade. The adult side was partially shaded at that time of day. I had 10-12 participants every single class. I would also have a group in the pool following along. I was lucky to have my friends there who also teach, so others would see them there and than come up and join in. The Entertainment support staff could not have been more amazing and I appreciate them very much. I met with Canelo Sunday night just before an event started. After that I met with Abraham to discuss, however, I would pick up the Sundial from each concierge desk in the morning and that would indicate when and where I was teaching that day. I would confirm daily as well. While it is very humid and warm at that time of day, I actually preferred it and had more participation during the afternoons, than I have at past resorts in the mornings. I taught for about 25 - 30 minutes, as people would start to fade at that point. They have a speaker and a plug in for phone/i-pod. The Secrets side cord was slipping out of my phone. I had another cord but they just had someone hold it in during class. I think this is my favorite new resort(s) and we already booked again for the family side.
Scott Young
Jun 12th, 2019 11:17:14pm
I taught group fitness classes at this resort during the week of May 19-26, 2019. My class was scheduled by Secrets entertainment management from 9-10am. I had from one to four participants per class. I set up a circuit with stations in the gym, an adjacent interior courtyard, and on the edge of the tennis court area with the tennis pro’s permission. We primarily did dumbbell training at one end of the gym when there weren’t too many nonparticipating guests but quickly moved to the courtyard or tennis court area when the gym got a bit too crowded. In the courtyard we did core exercises using provided mats and my own resistance bands. In the tennis court area I set up two stations with my TRX suspension trainers, and two agility stations with my agility ladder and jump ropes. We also used one flight of stairs leading down from the area between the courtyard and the tennis court. I was assisted by Ivan, a member of the Secrets entertainment team. He was very helpful in accommodating my few requests such as cold bottled water and towels for the participants. He also was a great “hype man” in alerting the guests regarding the scheduled classes. Although this was my first teaching vacation, my wife and I have been to several highly-rated all-inclusive resorts and experienced a pleasant stays at each of them. However our stay at Secrets Vallarta Bay was by far our favorite and most memorable experience to date! The ENTIRE staff, including management, was consistently proactive in making sure we were truly happy from the minute we arrived until our reluctant departure. We loved our room. The restaurants are great and very accommodating of reasonable special requests for dishes to be prepared more simply (e.g. with olive oil, herbs, and spices instead of a rich sauce). We enjoyed hanging out at the pool, the beach, and especially in the lobby bar area with its ever-present tropical breeze and phenomenal view. We are already planning a return trip.
Nancy L
Mar 13th, 2019 10:25:16am
Oh, we will return here! Gorgeous weather and a great spot to teach yoga. I had 6 > 13 people everyday at 9:00 am. We had the class up in the wedding gazebo, just up the stairs from where the mats were stored. My husband and I would take them up and he could dash down when more were needed. We were given the king room, however it was in the NOW tower, not the Secrets tower. After an initial disappointment, and a bit more walking, I realized it was probably a better location for sunset views. It was a lovely room. All the staff at both resorts are amazing and work so hard to please you - it is their pleasure! Until next time....
Mar 2nd, 2019 7:10:08pm
I taught here the week prior to Christmas 2018. It was my 3rd teaching vacation and my first time at this resort. The E team are fantastic! Truly helpful and were really involved with the guests. My daughter was teaching next door at Now, Amber, so this is a fantastic option for instructors who want to travel together with their families,it becomes a multi pro option. Entertainment and food were excellent. We loved laying at the beach every day, watching other guests play volleyball and soccer! Beach service was excellent.The food was great in all the restaurants, our favorite were the French,the Asian, and the Mexican restaurants., MY husband and daughter even fished one morning standing on shore with the assistance of the E team. We also used the kayaks and paddle boards on the days the ocean was calm enough. We loved it so much we will be back this coming Christmas as well, we actually booked it before we left. I taught one class (yoga flow) at 9 am each, morning and had 7-17 participants! One morning due to a wedding setup I’ve could have done it in the gym (gorgeous, newly remodeled the week we were there.), but decided to do it on the beach instead. That was the smallest class, I am sure some could not find us. Loved the week, excited to go back. My daughter taught High Fitness (aerobics) poolside each day at 4:00 On the Now side.
Kortney - Holland, MI
May 3rd, 2018 11:58:32am
I taught Pilates at 9 am daily. I had 1 - 9 participants.It was a fabulous experience. Thank you!
Apr 24th, 2018 2:54:49pm
Loved every minute of my teaching vacation here. I had to split my time between the Secrets resort and the NOW resort which is only feet away. The ability to have access to both is really a nice option. I taught a 9am yoga class every morning. The classes were small - maybe around 5-8 people, but the set up was easy and simple. The staff is AMAZING and the sunsets are the best part of the day. Would go back in a heartbeat!
Wendy D
Aug 2nd, 2017 12:24:18pm
My classes were every day at noon for 35 minutes. I had anywhere from 10 - 20 people in each class depending on how many people were staying at the resort. The first class was a little confusing because I wasn't 100% clear on what I needed to do. When we arrived on Sunday, there was no one there to meet with us. Not a big deal considering they work 6 days a week there and Sunday is their day off. I met with a man by the name of Albert, not Alejandro who I was supposed to meet with, but Albert is his assistant. Great guy and very friendly. We talked about what he wanted me to teach, Aqua or Zumba and we decided it would be Aqua only all week because of how hot it gets in the afternoons. We never talked about how long the class was supposed to be so I assumed it was an hour. I can tell you that half way through the playlist, I was melting from the heat and the people in the pool were ready for it to be over so they could get back to their vacation. When we got back to our room later that night, the Sundial was in our room and listed Aqua Aerobics for 35 minutes. Thank goodness... By mid week they had it listed as Aqua Zumba however the E-Team did announce me everyday prior to class starting and said Aqua Zumba. The E-Team would go around and walk up to people and get them in the pool too. The E-Team at the resort was amazing. We actually hung out with them in the evening at the club in the resort. For my last class I quickly put a routine together for the E-Team and had them teach it with me on the pool deck. They loved it...I can't say enough great things about the Fit Bodies, Inc. crew. This was my first vacation through Fit Bodies and everyone was so helpful and patient with me. I asked a lot of questions about what I needed to do and where I needed to be and had a response within 2 hrs. Everything was so detailed and organized from booking the vacation to what to do once we reached our resort. Kudos to everyone at Fit Bodies, Inc. You Rock. Thank you for this amazing experience and opportunity. Regarding the resort - The resort was absolutely amazing. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Just a heads up though... the staff at the resort work long hot hours and need a day off. Don't be surprised if the person you are supposed to be meeting with upon your arrival is not there. Remember it's Sunday... Just enjoy your day, unwind from traveling all day, get a fruity drink with an umbrella and relax. Rest assure that they will meet with you first thing in the morning and check in with you throughout your stay. Make friends with the E-Team, they will help promote your classes and get people to join in. Again, they work long hot hot hours with a smile on their face and full of energy. I even ended up getting their email addresses so I can keep in contact with them. My only suggestion - Traveling anywhere any more is ridiculous. Flights are much cheaper and easier to these amazing locations if you travel Saturday to Saturday. We looked at numerous sites before booking flights like Hotwire and Kayak. The flights were anywhere from 7 hrs to 24 hrs long and that's flying out of Cleveland. We looked at surrounding airports but they were all about 2:30 hrs from us which would have added additional travel time. The last thing I want to do when I get back from vacation is drive another 2 1/2 hrs home.
Colleen Y
Jun 27th, 2017 11:12:10am
I was prepared to teach 1-2 classes for 6 days, starting at 9:00 a.m. I ended up teaching 1 class at the Now Amber next door at 10:00 a.m. instead. Each day I had from 2 - 5 participants. There were 2 areas for classes. The deck by the beach was perfect, and had more space, but was not always available due to private events. The poolside space was fine, as long as I only had 3 or 4 participants. Always leave out extra mats, I had people join in the middle of class almost every day. Be flexible on the Sunday you arrive. The Entertainment Team keeps odd hours due to the nature of the job. My check-in with the team ended up being during a 9:30 p.m. set-up for a show. Don't worry, though, they will tell you exactly what they need from you, and are a very friendly group.
May 20th, 2017 5:46:41pm
I just returned from my teaching vacation at Secrets Vallarta Bay. It was a wonderful week! I was booked to teach Yoga, however, when I arrived, the E-Team manager (Albert) told me they already had a contracted Yoga instructor who has been teaching regularly on the resort for months. He asked if I could teach 8am Pilates, so I did. I averaged 1-3 participants daily. I noticed the resort is very slow moving until about 11am, so classes before that time seemed to be a bit slow. The resort is fabulous! From the room and view, to the food, beaches and pool, we enjoyed every minute of our stay! I will definitely be adding this to my favorites!
May 9th, 2017 10:10:07am
What a FABULOUS resort!!! 5 Star all the way!!! The entertainment staff were excellent, Albert led the way and gave me great instruction as to where I would be teaching. I taught yoga on the Now side of the resort as that is where they needed me. I averaged 6-16 people daily and they were all so gracious and appreciative of having a yoga class. My class was at 10 am and so I rounded up the mats around 9:30 am and got set up and ready with towels ect... The room was wonderful, food excellent and all the staff on site were so kind and welcoming. I will absolutely add this to one of my favorite resorts and will be back in the future.
Mar 8th, 2017 12:56:25pm
I rate this resort 5 stars. The service, cleanliness, food, comfort and activities are excellent. I also love the location and the ability to walk to town for sightseeing and shopping. There is now a local yoga instructor (apparently that has been teaching the 9:00 class for the last 3 months). I was asked to teach Pilates at 4:00 each day which I taught in the gym, since it was scotching outside, with very low attendance. Each day I asked if they could add the Pilates class at 10:00 after Yoga, they thought that was a great idea but it never made it on the schedule. It wasn't a problem, we instructors just love a full class of students. :) I also wanted to be as effective as I could be representing Fit Bodies. Note that If there is no instructor on the NOW side the instructor teaches Yoga there at 10:00, it just happened that this week there was already an instructor there. Thank you for another awesome opportunity!
Annette Wertman
Dec 2nd, 2016 10:38:40am
Very relaxed Entertainment Staff.... enthusiastic about my yoga classes and supportive. Just some daily confusion between the activity board and the Sundial (activity sheet for the day). Only once was it correct with Yoga at 9:00....most days it said stretching. But, no big deal really. The guests found me at both resorts (Now Amber & Secrets). I taught 2 classes daily, 9:00 and 10:00. By the end of the week I had 15 attending. I received many compliments re the instruction style and I feel REALLY GOOD. Thank you FITBODIES!
Lisa M
Oct 20th, 2016 4:39:47am
I taught at 9 AM at Secrets and 10 AM at Now. I had a varying number of attendees from 1 to 10. I had several repeat attendees and some husband-and-wife attendees. The resort was beautiful although some construction was underway. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The room was beautiful. The pools were wonderful and I loved the bubbles Event. Yoga classes were appreciated. Yoga mats could have been newer and cleaner.
Leila Jankowski
May 25th, 2016 8:58:44am
This was my 4th teaching experience with FitBodies and this was DEFINITELY one of my favorite locations. From the moment we arrived the hotel, location of the hotel, our room, the beach, the service, the guests - absolute PERFECTION! I taught a gentle yoga class Monday through Saturday at 9 am at the gazebo on the beach (they wanted to give me Friday off but I wanted to teach to say goodbye to all my favorite guests - they loved me more for that!) The food was really fantastic (I highly suggest booking reservations for the Hibachi experience at the Hirimitsu restaurant). I also suggest taking a day trip into the city of Vallarta (It’s a 20 min walk which we did or you can get there quickly by bus or cab). Such a fun and beautiful place to sight see. The entertainment team was very fun and accommodating - if you’re considering this place GO!!! This resort is on my short list of getting back to again!
Wendi D
May 4th, 2016 4:45:15am
: Hi, this was my first experience with Fit Bodies Inc. I had no idea what to expect, I heard about the company but not from someone who had done it so I was quite unsure about the whole thing. To be honest I was not even sure if this was a scam or not.... or if I got a room it would be overlooking the trash, with lots of hidden costs. That was absolutely not the case. My room was BEAUTIFUL, my view perfect, the resort was amazing. I was treated like a full paying guest not, (got in for super cheap staff). I was so thrilled about the whole situation I want to tell every teacher I know. I highly recommend this company along with Secrets Puerto Vallarta!

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