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Catherine, Cornelius NC
Jan 2nd, 2020 10:36:09am
I taught Strong30 at 10:30am and Aqua Strong at 12:30pm, Monday thru Friday (10:30 class was cancelled Christmas Day). Strong30 had 2-3 participants, Aqua Strong had 4-10. Age rang was 30-60, mostly female. A Portable sound system provided by resort.
Deana Alexandria, vA
Dec 12th, 2019 9:47:56am
I checked the Breathless website prior to arriving there and it actually said that I would be teaching 9am Vinyasa Flow and a 12:30pm Yoga Sculpt, but when I arrived was told that the 12:30pm class would be Acquacise instead. I thought I had read a review here that mentioned that it was best to be prepared to teach a water class at 12:30pm, so I was ready for the change and honestly a water class is PERFECT at 12:30pm. The team there is SUPER nice and SUPER helpful! It looks like they are changing to Strong by Zumba, which is not something I teach, but I would LOVE to go back if a)they every go back to yoga and/or b) if I ever decide to go down the Zumba Strong path. I LOVED it there!!!!
Rachel Arkansas
Dec 11th, 2019 1:40:26pm
I taught 2 STRONG30 sessions, one on the lobby veranda and the other on the pool deck. It is important to note that although the request stated the second class could be anything, the resort requested STRONG30. Also, due to the location of the 2nd class, be aware that participants may be in the pool so you will need to adjust your playlist accordingly. Class sizes were small, never exceeding 5 people, but this is more of a party resort and guests wanted to do just that. Those who did participate were awesome, loved the class, and fully committed to the workout. The staff also participated and did a great job of inviting people to join in. All in all, it was an excellent experience and I’d recommend fellow STRONG instructors to give it a try.
Sep 24th, 2019 11:19:10am
I had a great time teaching STRONG by Zumba at this beautiful resort! Most days, class sizes were between 4-6 but as the week went on my last day we had 8. The layout was perfect for teaching and was close to the main entrance which attracted many guests to come try it over even after the class had started! The average age of my participates was 25-40. We had a great week together!
Echo Adhikarijavascript:void(0);
Aug 28th, 2019 2:41:27pm
Talk about accommodating! The staff here will treat you like family - I actually still keep up with several of them three months after travelling. The resort itself is beautiful and grants you access to the neighboring two Secrets properties. We watched fashion shows, danced at roller skating parties, enjoyed pools and beaches, and had many many drinks - I couldn't have asked for more. The room was also beautiful and designed with couples in mind. I am already planning when I can get back! As far as teaching, do plan to be a little flexible - Jamaican time is real and I started late on a few occasions. However, the staff not only talked up my class, but also came and acted as hype men on days when attendance was low. I LOVED IT!!! Make sure to look out for Lucky Charm, Rick James, Sammi Jo, DJ Quan, and the whole entertainment crew. THEY ARE FIRE!!!
Jun 26th, 2019 2:00:54pm
I had a great time teaching STRONG by Zumba at this beautiful resort!The layout was perfect for teaching and was close to the main entrance which attracted many guests to come try it over even after the class had started!
Joy from Long Island Ny
May 23rd, 2019 12:59:53pm
Yoga was on every day with 3 yo 5 people. Aqua slow hotel was very slow even entertainment team had no people. Was such a nice treat to be off Sat to do an excursion. Hennessey wonderful to work with. Excellent resort for young people or anyone who likes to party. We really enjoyed having Sat off to do an excursion.
Mary from Georgia
Dec 11th, 2018 10:10:23am
The entertainment crew was amazing. The resort is new and clean and staff is outstanding. Whether people come to classes is hit or miss depending on the crowd that comes that week. The entertainment staff wanted the bootcamp in the water so I took to the water which I wasn't prepared to do but it all worked out great. They were flexible and they worked to get people participating. They do not use daily announcements or any kind of microphone to say your class is starting so it just ends up being people that checked the APP or happened to be there when you go over to start the class. I would definitely recommend the resort - we had access to Secrets Wild Orchard and Secrets St. James and Breathless has a private beach on that side also. Good food at Breathless. Lots of loud music during the day but activities at night tended to be up on the rooftop. Bring bug spray - where you teach the classes you will get eaten alive by mosquitos even though you are right there by the pool. Be prepared to teach in the water although they don't expect anything in particular but at 12:30 its pretty hot on the deck to be teaching and they told me that most people just teach in the water. You won't regret signing up for this resort...it was really amazing.
May 3rd, 2018 12:10:03pm
Yoga at 8:30 was not well attended. Mid week I understood that I had to market my class every morning. 12:30 too hot for yoga but great for aquasize! 8-10 participants everyone had fun and both men and women participated! DJ was great!
Apr 19th, 2018 4:35:34pm
Breathless Jamaica is beautiful! April 2018, I taught yoga at 9am, classes were small (3-5 people) and Aqua Bootcamp at 12:30 with usually 6-10 participants in the pool. The E-Team was great, plenty of activities and wonderful amenities to enjoy. You also have access to both Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid. The food everywhere was off the charts. Super unique to this property--a rooftop pool with swim up, and a restaurant to enjoy spectacular views of MoBay!!! They are still newer and building their atmosphere and brand but all in all amazing! I have taught at every Breathless Resort and Breathless Jamaica is another WIN for the Breathless/Am Resorts company.

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