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Dreams Bahia Mita Surf & Spa

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Dec 28th, 2022 10:38:01pm
Taught yoga and aqua programming. I had no problem with the resort changing up some yoga programming to SUP offerings. I go with the flow like that! I love the ease of the booking experience. Staff was great!
Dec 11th, 2022 9:54:49pm
The resort staff and E-team were amazing and super friendly. They are all AFAA certified as well so there are multiple fitness classes during one time (as well as an on-site Yoga instructor). Brought my own Bluetooth speaker. Overall, great experience! Loved the quality time with my family :) Thanks for all that you do Fitbodies!
Sep 26th, 2022 9:59:56am
I taught cycling at the resort fitness center. The classroom has very nice spin bikes. All I can say is exceptional! Resort staff and the entertainment team were friendly, helpful, and very supportive! This experience was unlike anything I've ever done! The booking process, the opportunity to teach while relaxing at these resorts, being a member of the FBI team, and the experience to be apart of the resort Entertainment Team for that week was a blessing! This was my first and I'm looking forward to many more in the future! This experience and help from FBI was exceptional, no complaints.
May 18th, 2022 9:21:15pm
I did my 19th teaching vacation at Dreams/Secrets Bahia Mita and it just became my favorite resort of all time! I cannot recommend this stunning place highly enough. Note: The Secrets and Dreams resorts here are fully connected and share restaurants, pools, the gym, spa etc. (though the Secrets side is adults only). On my first day, I was asked to teach a 9 am bootcamp class (0 participants). As I had also offered to teach paddle board yoga, beginning on Tuesday, I taught a 30-45-minute paddle yoga class in one of the Secrets side pools every day, with 1-5 class participants throughout the week. The fabulous entertainment team did all the work setting up and taking away the paddle boards so literally all I needed to do was show up and teach. It could not have been a better and smoother experience! Resort PROS: Rooms are spacious, new (the resort opened in July 2021), and lovely. Views from absolutely everywhere in this resort are spectacular, including several rooftops and decks! We counted 10 pools plus at least 4 jacuzzis, which are all incredible. The beach area is also stunning, although the beach is not easily swimmable or runnable (see below). The gym is large and modern with a cycling studio, a yoga studio, an uncovered outdoor deck and grass area, and tons of equipment. Food is good and there are around 12 restaurants (I’d highly recommend Bordeaux and Olio in particular). The city of Puerto Vallarta is about a 50-minute taxi ride away, and if you go, I highly recommend a sunset dinner at Casa Kimberly or Porfirios. The Malacon boardwalk is also worth a visit. Resort CONS: The beach is extremely rocky and there are lots of sea urchins, so definitely wear the resort-provided gummy shoes if you wade into the water. It’s a surfer’s paradise, though! The beach was also littered with dead fish so walking or running on it was not the best experience. The hotel building itself can be slightly confusing to navigate as each elevator takes you to different floors. It took us about 3-4 days to figure out the most efficient route to get from point A to B! Final thoughts: At this resort, I think an upgrade to the Preferred Club is well worth it as it gives you exclusive access to one whole rooftop with pools, as well as the best section of the beach. Also, taxis are very easy to get and relatively inexpensive around Puerto Vallarta. I took one to and from the airport and saved a lot of money compared to pre-booked transportation (at the airport, pay the fixed rate fare in advance inside the terminal at the booth next to the info desk, then show your receipt outside to get into a cab).
May 16th, 2022 1:38:02pm
The staff were all wonderful! Everyone was so happy to help and Nora, the gym manager, was SO sweet and really took care of us. It was a great trip/experience and oh my gosh, I have told SO many people to sign up for these vacations lol. There were a few fitness instructors who took my classes who are signing up for sure.
Apr 5th, 2022 1:41:09pm
I taught Cycling! Nice cycling studio inside of the Gym. I used my own bluetooth speaker that I took with me. Booking was very simple. I look forward to booking again, within 3-6 months. The ET at this resort is amazing. Adiel was always available through WhatsApp and he made sure that we were taken care of well.
Mar 16th, 2022 9:54:56am
Lovely friendly amazing staff. I taught cycling in the fitness room with my own music and bluetooth speaker. Loved it!!! I will be back next year same time - beautiful resort with amazing new friends. Thank you fitbodies for doing what you do!!!!! "Make sure you keep your immigration card that they stamp at the airport upon arrival. You will need it for the return trip. We threw ours away and had to go to immigration at the airport And purchase 2 new ones at 40.00 each. Lesson learned. Keep all documents just in case "
katherine connor
Oct 18th, 2021 8:52:07am
Visited this resort Oct. of 2021. It is a new resort and is very large. We averaged 8000 steps per day getting back/forth to the room (not including workouts). The food here is the best I have ever had at an All Inclusive. I taught Yoga at 10 am on a small beach/peninsula. The E team brings mats and towels and sets them up for you. E team was wonderful-hard working and fun. I had students 3 of the six days during my stay. Yoga is for adults only for both the Secrets and Dreams guests. This resort is about 45 minutes to an hour from the airport. There were HUNDREDS of children at this resort so if you like kids-this is a great resort for you!

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Dreams Bahia Mita Surf & Spa