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Dreams Vista Cancun

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May 6th, 2022 12:56:23pm
The staff were all amazing! Each and every FitBodies trip has been an awesome experience! This was a great resort and a beautiful teaching location. Some days I could not locate the mats nor the ET team so I used towels only or adjusted to more standing yoga poses. A couple times the weather put class into the conference center and I suggest bringing music for this potential situation. Usually, class is outside and plenty of outdoor sounds are ideal as music.
Mar 16th, 2022 10:08:02am
Yoga is under the palapa and in front of the ballroom terrace. Classes were wonderful! Berenice was great. The day I arrived, she provided me with all the instructions that I needed to do my job. Also, without fail, the staff arrived 5 minutes before the start of my class to deliver the yoga mats. I have been traveling and teaching with Fitbodies for years. I have lost count of the number of trips I have taken with my family. This company is extremely professional and top notch. I will be traveling/teaching with Fitbodies for as long as I can. There is only one Fitbodies. The staff is amazing and the trips are spectacular. The arrival and then transfer with Amstar to the resort was seamless. It was the smoothest transfer I have ever experienced.
Nov 28th, 2021 6:13:43pm
I taught yoga in the tiki hut over the ocean. I Loved my classes, The whole luxury vacation!, Spending quality time with my companion/family. You do a great job! I booked on the computer and will book again within the year. The entertainment team at Dreams Vista was amazing!!!! The hotel staff was super friendly. Dreams Vista is a great resort! The location for teaching yoga was gorgeous and the participants seemed to love it! I traveled with my husband and our 9 year old daughter. Our daughter had so much fun in the Explorers club. She spent a couple of hours there daily because the staff was so amazing and the activities were fun. The resort was busy but it did not feel crowded. The staff was very friendly! We had a very relaxing trip!
Oct 11th, 2021 1:04:40pm
Zumba class is held by the pool. I used my Ipad and aux cord into their speaker for music. I loved the resort, The whole luxury vacation!, Spending quality time with my companion/family! Hotel staff was amazing. They were extremely helpful, welcoming and wanted to make sure I always had Everything I needed. I can’t say enough how thankful and lucky I am to have had this opportunity. I honestly cannot wait to do this again. I had not taught for fit bodies prior to Covid so don’t have much to. Impart to. But going through immigration and arriving at the resort was pretty standard with what I was expecting.
Jul 18th, 2021 5:55:47pm
Dreams Vista was EXCEPTIONAL! I taught a 9am & 10am yoga everyday (expect Saturday only the 9am) on the gazebo over the water. I loved everything about this resort. The entertainment team was friendly, helpful, and are genuine souls. They were so happy to help with bringing the mats back from the gazebo & they even stayed for the 10am class when they could! The gazebo could get a bit loud due to winds & docking boats but nothing we couldn't handle. I brought a portable speaker that worked wonders. And the gazebo was perfect bc we were covered from the hot sun! I had anywhere between 5-16 students each class. Overall, this resort is pure luxury & teaching there was a dream come true!!! Would absolutely book again!
Apr 20th, 2021 10:59:59am
I taught Zumba over the summer and took my own bluetooth speaker and phone for music. Class is held in the palapa by the ocean. The Entertainment team announced my classes, I walked around and invited guests to join. I love the quality time with my family and sharing Zumba in paradise! I love the booking experience and overall this is such a great program - thank you. Some specifics here: Carlos was my contact and he was always kind and asked about class. This was a brand new resort at the time, and they were working to make it great for everyone. There were only 2 E team members, than another arrived, and than a 4th. They were so nice and energetic, getting everyone around (which wasn't too many people) involved in all the different activities. They were working out a few kinks while we were there, but the place is beautiful and what we expected upon arrival. I taught Zumba on the Palapa, out on the ocean 2 times a day, at 10 AM and 4 PM. On Saturday, I only taught the morning class which was nice. I had very low attendance due to super low Covid occupancy but did get in one full class and 3 partial classes with participants. The TV activities station and the IPads were not working when we got there, but were up and running when we left. The beach is small but sand is nice/soft and they have daily beach volleyball games. Because the resort is smaller, we were able to easily look/walk over from the Main Relaxation Pool to the kids' side with the little Water Park and Activities Pool. My kids had a blast, 9 and 11. The food was mostly very good, but there was no kids menu at any restaurant which served as a challenge. My children mostly ate room service in the room while my husband and I would go to dinner afterwards. This is something they may have changed based on feedback from other guests. The rooms are laid out perfectly with a lot of room (we had 2 queen beds) and the balcony looking over the ocean (in every room) was ideal. We were easily able to dry swimsuits nightly and watch the sunrise or set daily. The TV in the room had Netflix and YouTube which we loved, well my kids loved. All the employees were beyond kind and helpful. The kids club has some cool games, VR, XBox, air hockey, pool, etc. It was a wonderful experience. Smooth, wore masks in airport, on planes, in transfers. They took temps upon resort arrival. All very smooth.
Mar 10th, 2021 9:15:38am
What a beautiful resort! Every room is an ocean view. You will teach 2x/day (9 & 10 a.m.--bring your own speaker) out on the "dock", which is huge and grass-covered. I had to set up the towels and mats myself daily (you get them at the towel station next to the pool). I'd recommend putting towels under the mats. Because of the humidity, the mats will stick to the floor and tear up the mats. This place is absolutely amazing--the views literally took my breath away, constantly! They even have hammocks in the water. I can't even get over how gorgeous it was aesthetically--aqua blue water, just gorgeous. This was my 4th teaching vacation and the first time I learned that the Explorer's club is actually included in the trip. So if you bring littles, you can take them to the Explorer's Club for no additional charge (nice when you want to eat dinner with your husband)--although tips are appreciated. This resort also has an adults only rooftop. And although I didn't spend any time there, I hear the drinks and food are wonderful, plus a rooftop pool. The Explorer's Club has constant fun activities for the kids. The beach does have a little rougher sand until you get to the water--fyi if your feet are sensitive. One of my favorite things we did was after teaching, we took the ferry (within walking distance or a $5 cab ride) to Isla Mujeres (riding the ferry with the locals is also much cheaper than booking a catamaran--and I personally have tried both--the ferry and freedom of time was what we were after). Once at Isla, we rented a golf cart--$15/hr or $45/day (you can rent it while waiting in line for the ferry too) and perused the island. There's a phenomenal beach there--one of the top 10 beaches in the world--for swimming and you can eat tacos on the beach or drive the go-cart to the other end of the island and do snorkeling/zip lining or look over the ocean and eat a freshly made authentic churro while shopping and taking pictures. The views are just indescribable. At Dreams Vista, definitely get up a little early to watch the sunrise from your balcony. Definitely enjoy some fresh squeezed orange juice (ask for it to be fresh squeezed), oh my goodness!! Try the coconut ice cream and the hibachi. This is such an excellent place to stay. They also have zip lining at the resort for kids/adults and a surf pool that's open from 3-5 every day. We enjoyed swimming in the ocean (they have a little bouncy rock climbing wall in the ocean as well as a water trampoline), and the waves aren't rough and it is fairly shallow-- so good for kids. We also loved the pool, which runs the entire length of the resort--good for swimming laps if that's your thing. I also didn't know this until the last day, but if you're lounging poolside, you can also order food (burgers, fries, hot dog, chicken nuggets), and they'll bring it to you with your drinks! The hot tub is close to the ocean--also great views and fun to meet people and visit in. This resort also has a "drink of the day" that are non-alcoholic and all very delicious. My personal favorite was the choco-mint. It's a great place to stay and teach. I hope you love it as much as we did!

Dreams Vista Cancun