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Jul 6th, 2023 9:16:31am
Yoga and meditation was taught poolside on the adult area. It was wonderful I loved it. Thank you Fit Bodies!
May 23rd, 2023 11:32:11am
Staff was wonderful and very attentive. I taught during Spring Break and the resort was packed and the E-team was very busy with special programming. Upon arrival, I could not immediately connect with them but when I did they explained my schedule and where I would teach. Other than that, I had no other help or support from them for the rest of the week. I taught 8 and 9am classes Mon - Sat by the pool with 2-7 people in attendance, mostly beginners. There are only 5 mats so guests used towels to supplement. Although the resort itself is a bit dated, my husband and I had a wonderful time. Thank you Fit Bodies! I've already booked my next teaching vacation!
May 20th, 2023 10:08:03pm
The resort staff was amazing, they do need some more mats and a speaker but other then that it was another amazing trip! Thank you Erica for all your help!
Mar 31st, 2023 1:18:48pm
The staff and Entertainment Crew were outstanding. They were kind, helpful, professional and hard working. They were a joy to be around and to work with side by side. I thoroughly enjoyed my teaching vacation at Now Emerald. The staff and Entertainment Team were so kind, supportive, helpful, professional and showed real care in their jobs. It was a pleasure to work alongside them as they promoted and participated fully in my classes. The location of the resort was beautiful. Rooms clean and food tasty with lots of variety. It’s my understanding that the resort will be undergoing renovations. I look forward to returning in the future.
Mar 18th, 2023 10:39:42pm
By far My favorite teaching experience. Great entertainment team. Amazing views. Aqua Zumba Instructor dream come true.
Feb 27th, 2023 10:16:54pm
The hotel staff & entertainment team were awesome! I was treated like a celebrity at this resort & it was not at all what I expected...I was very grateful for the special treatment. Of course, in return I treated all of the staff with kindness, gratitude & TIPS! They all work hard with smiles on their faces. It was nice getting to know my regular servers & a couple of the entertainment team members on a more personal level! Fit Bodies keep doing what you are doing!
Feb 13th, 2023 1:45:13pm
Yoga was next to the adult pool. I was pretty much on my own to gather materials each day for class. I do look forward to booking my next trip!
Dec 26th, 2022 4:52:10pm
My yoga classes were well promoted. From the Entertainment team announcements to the activities listed on each TV. Easy booking experience, thank you! Hotel staff and entertainment staff were brilliant. Great vacation, smooth booking experience and loved teaching abroad, thank you.
Dec 9th, 2022 6:19:12am
Staff was very friendly. E team stayed busy for sure. My classes were at 8am and 9am, and the E-Team said that was too early for them, lol. They stopped by after classes to makesure everything was going well. My yoga classes were at 8am and 9am. I loved the early morning classes, but I don't think many of the guests were up and about then or ready to participate. The classes were at the adult pool which is very secluded, making it nice and quiet for class, but also more difficult to find (or have walkers-by drop in). The food was very good and the wait staff extremely friendly! The resort rooms were outdated and not quite as nice as others we have been to, but they were clean. We heard that the resort is getting updated later in the year, and that will make a huge difference in appearance and modernizing. The water is beautiful on this stretch of the Cancun beach. We were able to watch a few sea turtles swim to shore to lay their eggs-very cool! Thanks again for the opportunity! Travel was easy from HOU to CUN!
Apr 5th, 2022 7:30:42pm
I taught STRONG by Zumba, STRONG Nation/ STRONG Nation- 30 minute class, and Pilates. Class is held at the adult pool. Thank you Abraham for your energy and excitement! Plan on giving yourself three hours when you have to go back to the Cancun airport - checking bags and security could be heavy. Overall, love the resort and love the program.
Nov 22nd, 2021 2:07:33pm
The team asked that I teach a morning and afternoon class. The morning class was always well attended (5-10 participants) the evening classes had 0-3 participants each night. I adjusted the style each day based on the participants who came to class (relaxing or more active flow). For the first time in my teaching career for Fit Bodies, there were a lot of 'spring breakers' at the resort (college students first and then high school seniors). They were all rather well behaved but it changes the vibe of a family vacation with my 2 kids (9 and 12 years old). It was a great trip and quite a rarity to see the 'spring breakers' despite we usually travel the same week.
May 4th, 2021 2:01:38pm
I taught yoga and Zumba at Now Emerald, poolside and in the gazebo. I bring my own speaker - my preference. The classes were promoted well on my flyer and the E-Team and I walk around and invite guests to join in. The E-Team is amazing - energy and support for each other. I try to attend as many of their activities as possible. I love these teaching vacations! I will book again in the next 3-6 months. THANK YOU FIT BODIES
Jayme Smid
Feb 24th, 2020 2:08:48pm
We just returned from Now Emerald yesterday. The staff & beach is 5 stars! The beach was absolutely amazing -- I spent all day out on the sand and loved every moment of it. The staff goes above & beyond to help you out. They will bring towels, mats, & water for participants before classes. We enjoyed the different restaurants but the buffet was so-so. The hotel is undergoing lots of renovating & updated (it is needed) but it seems the staff is working hard to resolve some of the issues. Our toilet leaked & our safe did not work but the staff was attentive and helped us get it figured out. I taught at 9:30 and 5 PM each day. I had anywhere from 8-15 people at 9:30 AM (but there are only 7 mats so we used beach towels). The morning class is done at the adults only pool area. I never had a single participant at 5 PM. As much as the staff helped me spread the word and try to round people up... people are checked out at that point of the day it seems. Either drinking at the pool or have already headed to the room to get ready for the evening. This class is done on the beach. Overall it was a great vacation. I met lots of wonderful people and had very successful AM classes!
Basha Nemeskeri
Dec 28th, 2019 8:09:08am
A lovely beach front hotel that boasts several great pools and many restaurants to chose from :) I’m just finishing a week up here, teaching yoga at 9:30am (outside a restaurant on a cement area) and 5pm (on a wooden pad on the beach) Both classes were well attended, and although space is limited, everyone had a great time! Please note that all rooms here are either two double beds or one king - so if you’re coming with your family, and you have a 6’4” husband, you will be right for sleeping space on a double haha! But it was so worth it - the entertainment staff was very helpful and helped bring out waters and towels to each class (what a treat!) They also introduced me to guests throughout the week, and helped my family and I feel welcome :) Would encourage gift fund $ to go towards more mats (there were only 7 mats available) and blocks of possible :) Definitely book this one if you love to teach receptive, relaxed guests!!!
Susan from Raleigh, NC
Dec 11th, 2019 1:53:47pm
We were at the resort 7/14-7/21/19. Most were new to yoga or beginners so we did a Gentle Flow. Participants ranged from 0-6 people. Most of the new participants returned daily through the remainder of the week. Age ranged from late teens to up in age. I kept it Gentle with 1-2 options for those that wanted more. The resort recently opened, about 2 months so things are coming along. There are still some maintenance and upgrades being done. I imagine it will be an even better experience in 6-12 mos. Staff, guests were wonderful. Food was great. I'm strictly gluten-free, there were options throughout.
Holly from Naperville Illinois
Dec 11th, 2019 1:37:16pm
I offered two gentle/beginner yoga classes each morning at 8:30 & 9:30. I had only 1 participant who came to the last 2 days of class. The resort had very low guests, I think maybe because it is newly reopened and also kids were starting back to school in the US so it wasn’t a week that a lot of families would be on vacation. The timing of the classes at 8:30 & 9:30 seemed to be too early for the guests. There was no one at the pool until after 10:00 at least. It was a different experience than I had my previous two teaching vacations. But still wonderful as always!
Stephen Mette
Aug 13th, 2019 12:34:58pm
The Now Emerald was recently taken over and has been in the process of getting renovated. For teaching there is an area in the pool that seems like it would work for Yoga or Zumba but it is all brick so definitely wouldn't be very comfortable. I started off being scheduled for 8:30 and 9:30am but it was never really clear if it was going to be Zumba for 30 min or 60 but it didn't matter because at that hour no one was showing up anyway. I talked with the Entertainment Team manager Filipe about doing Aqua Zumba and we moved to a 4pm Aqua starting Wed. and 9:30am land. The first day I did Aqua was a disaster as the sound system has a short between the speakers and the mixer which caused my iPhone to think that the cord kept getting pulled out so it kept stopping the music. Second day I used the BT connection on the mixer so it was much better but I strongly recommend bringing your own full size rig to be prepared. The ET helped to try to get people to the class but attendance was light and the Aqua class was kept to 30 min which was a blessing because the sun at 4pm is KILLER on the pool deck. I went through 3 bottles of water in that time and still jumped in right after to cool down. It ended up being more a show for people than a real workout but everyone had fun watching or doing it so mission accomplished. The staff over the entire facility was fantastic and super nice. Once the place has some more renovations completed I think it would be much nicer, we opted to upgrade to an ocean view with balcony and it was well worth it. Facility had 42% filled at the highest point in the week so it didn't feel very crowded. Tito in the buffet was the BEST server, very nice and super sweet. Alex out at the towel hut and all of the ET were great. I definitely recommend doing Aqua if you want to have any kind of crowd, otherwise if you are looking for a very little work for a nice vacation stick with land and the double morning class.

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