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Nov 28th, 2021 6:00:13pm
Hi, I taught Yoga, Aqua Zumba on the beach and in the pool all week! We arrived early so they checked us in and invited us to tour the property while we waited. The staff was friendly and staffed properly. The wi-fi and air conditioner stopped working our first night so they promptly moved us to a VIP unit. Nini was my ET contact and she was told to "take care of me" by Prince and Mari from Dreams! They are very incredible. She set me up with my duties and was helpful with my questions. They helped promote my classes and things went great. The bartenders, ET staff, servers and hotel staff were very kind and did a great job. I really enjoyed teaching at this resort. Attendance was 10-15 daily and the snorkeling at this resort, I don't think can be beat. I will return to this resort!
Aug 18th, 2021 6:21:27pm
I taught Yoga and Aqua Programming. 10:00 on the grass across from the spa for yoga, aqua was in the ocean. I started on the beach and 1/2 way through I got in the water. I had mats and the team set out the speaker for me. I brought my ipod with music. I used my small speaker and ipod for yoga and their speaker system for water aerobics. The Entertainment team announced my classes, I walked around and invited guests to join and they were posted on the Activity Board. Spending quality time with my companion/family, The beach, Teaching while also on vacation! ALL GREAT!
May 9th, 2021 11:23:32am
I taught yoga and aqua. Yoga ishelf on the plaza and they have mats, and excellent speaker for aqua programming. I loved this whole experience - amazing! Everything went pretty smoothly! We'll definitely do this again! Everyone there was so nice! We had some hiccups with confirming class times, but everything seemed to work fine in the end. Entertainment team was fun and friendly. It was amazing! Can't believe we waited so long to do this!
Cynthia, Chicago, Illinois
Dec 11th, 2019 2:02:03pm
Yoga classes were small, 3-4 participants at the most. The students that attended all knew yoga & practiced at home. Ages 30-45. I could teach longer Vinyassa flows with this group & everyone got a good workout with some meditation at the end. The water classes were more popular and had all ages even some kids a few days. We did stretches & exercise to upbeat music. It was s fun class!!
Mar 28th, 2019 2:16:16pm
I taught at this resort Feb 24 - Mar 3, 2019. I was scheduled to teach (2) 30 minute classes Mon - Sat: 10:00am Stretch and 11:30am Aqua Zumba. The stretch class increased in attendance each day - From 3 - to 10 people. The Aqua Zumba class was well attended with daily average 20 -25 people. The resort is very small and intimate.
May 23rd, 2018 10:52:49am
Each day I taught a stretch class at 10 am for 20 mins which consisted of 3 people and an aqua zumba class at 11:30am for 30 mins which consisted of roughly 15 people. The stretch class wasn't marketed well but they did a great job with the Zumba class. The entertainment team was amazing and friendly. I kept the classes really simple especially Zumba as they preferred the simple choreography. The resort overall was amazing as we traveled with my 6 month old and it was family friendly. I couldn't have asked for a better teaching vacation!
Feb 6th, 2018 3:58:13pm
Yoga was a 45 minute class held in the morning with 5-9 participants. At the beginning it was held at 10 am, but guests were early risers and following my personal practice on the beach at 8 am. The entertainment director took my feedback and we moved yoga up to 8 am with the exception of one sunset class. One day I held a sunset class with 10 folks due to me wanting to hike the island's highest mountain and entertainment director suggested we move the class to sunset so that I can enjoy this outdoor adventure and not be rushed to hike down in time to teach. It worked perfectly because then I had a lot of new faces of people who were returning from day excursions who wanted a wind-down stretch before dinner. I promoted the class change in time in the days leading up to it and encouraged folks coming from aqua zumba to give yoga a try, which led to a lot of new faces. I was under the impression that yoga was slotted to be one hour, but the resort said people just expect 45 min. I suspect because of day excursions, etc. I'd end class at 45 minutes, and ask anyone interested in guided meditation to remain for another 15 minutes. Typically half the class would remain for meditation. Instructors must bring their own speaker for yoga as the entertainment team has other things going on at the same time and yoga can't monopolize the speaker. I anticipated this and brought my own. Aqua Zumba was held before lunch everyday in the ocean. I planned an hour long class, but was told to keep it to 25-30 minutes because people are on vacation and not expecting a long workout. Turnout was typically anywhere from 15-30 people of all ages and kids. We held it one day in the pool, but the class size got so big that we had to keep it in the ocean the remainder of the week. It worked fine because there are no waves with the rock barrier just off the shoreline, so the water is calm and people would venture in as deep as they felt comfortable. There was coral in the ocean though that having water shoes is advisable. Speakers are provided for the zumba class and the entertainment team does a good job of promoting it in the half hour before class, so turn out was large daily. I kept the playlists and sequences unique each day, which people told me they really loved. At the end of each class, I'd have everyone circle up and we'd do "cool down" yoga stretches together before bringing our hands in to end with a little shimmy and group hollar of Curacao.
Ann. E
Mar 27th, 2017 1:47:04pm
This was a very laid back resort and it was a smaller property so you really got to know everyone who participated. I felt that the staff treated me like family as soon as I got there and offered total support. Really great experience.
Donna Kederer
Mar 1st, 2017 7:23:23pm
Suns ape Curaçao is a beautiful property. Entertainment staff easy to work with. I met with them upon arrival and others came and introduced themselves the next day. The speaker was always ready near the ocean for use in the water class. I taught in the water to interact with guests. Bring water shoes if you plan to teach in the ocean! Yoga was taught outside the gym on the lawn. Class attendance was anywhere from 6-10 people. As other reviews have noted the flyers are only posted on the towel hut. I brought extra, but they weren't used. That said, I loved that both classes were in the morning. We were lucky to have a room right near the gym so I could quickly change between classes. Sandscape Curaçao is a great resort!
Frannie Danzinger
Dec 2nd, 2016 7:12:46am
Sunscape Curacao is a resort that my family and I have traveled to at least 7 times! Some years, we went multiple times a year. The resort is smaller with a perfect sized pool. The warm beach front is very calm and has an amazing area for snorkeling with the most beautiful fish! I traveled to this resort when my children were a bit younger and they loved it! Classes were always full and busy the entertainment staff is simply amazing! They have all become life-long friend of mine and my children! It is most definitely a family-oriented resort located in a beautiful part of the world!
Manon K.
Jun 29th, 2016 5:14:50am
I taught two classes back to back. A 30 minute stretching / yoga class outside on Matt. Between 2 and 7 participants. Aqua class was taught in the ocean I stood on the beach. Generally five to eight participants per class. The facility had a large loudspeaker system to broadcast music over the beach. I taught at 10 o'clock in the morning for stretch / yoga and at 11 a.m. for akwa.Sunscapes is a lovely property. They have one of the nicest beaches in the area of Curacao. A little Spanish would go a long way with the aqua class. Easy moves only as most people are not that familiar with what you're teaching but they are very cheerful and want to participate.
Jermaine N
Jun 27th, 2016 5:31:01am
This was a very fun and friendly resort, the entertainment team does an exceptional job at making this resort the best experience. Never a dull moment, and lots of activities for you to choose from.
Jolene P
Jun 6th, 2016 7:01:52am
Teaching times were great class attendance was anywhere from 5-18 in yoga and water aerobics. I love going to Curacao!
May 19th, 2016 8:32:01am
I Met with the assistant manager the Sunday I arrived to get the schedule as follows, stretch at 10 am half hour about 2 to 8 people, and beach zumba at 11 for half hour. Participants were in the ocean and I was on sand. I had about 20 to 25 people. The entertainment staff wasnt readily around so on a few occasions I would have to find someone to set up the speakers for the music for my class at 11. I had brought my own small speaker for the stretch class ( I always bring one in case) The rest was fine, they had a great kids club, enough beach chairs, 4 a la carte restaurants which were pretty good I loved the out door seafood restuarant Oceana. Service was great. The buffet was small, food variety was ok. Lobby bar and area was great, and free wi fi, huge bonus! Overall I had a great time!
Bryan Miller
Jan 23rd, 2014 5:35:36pm
This was the first time I booked through Fitness Pro Travel and my second teaching vacation. The resort was just okay and had some issues. 1) it was pretty small (only 341 rooms & 600 people) which make you more of a celebrity than on a cruise ship with 2000 guests! 2) it was an all-inclusive which is a: good because booze and food are included, but b: bad because it's kind of like a lock-down community (we had friends at another resort withing walking distance, and they couldn't visit us unless they wanted to spend US$109 / day). 3) the entertainment staff were awesome, but they teach the classes when a fitness pro isn't on site. I watched them teach an Aqua class and about had a total freak out at how bad it was (too fast for the water, the participants couldn't keep up, and some of the moves were downright dangerous)! I kept my mouth shut because we were leaving that day and I didn't want to overstep my boundaries. I will be providing feedback to the resort on what I saw. 4) the resort was recently sold by Breezes to Sunscape and Sunscape is making serious changes to save some major denero! They are cutting out the included transportation between the airport and the resort (check your documentation carefully - it's pricey to move between the resort and the airport), the daily shore dives are gone, and they are cutting back on what they provide in the rooms (umbrella, robe, beach bag .. all gone now). There are a few other areas that are being cut, like bottled water and mini-fridge stock, but let's just leave it there. 5) food: the buffet was pretty good and higher end then you'd expect, but again, it's a buffet. They have 4 "a la carte" restaurants that are sit down, but they are very small and get very long wait lists (in fact, the second night we were there, we thought we could just step in and sit down to eat, 3 of the 4 were "full") ... the first night we were too late so we just did buffet. This is clearly designed to drive people to the buffet. The ultimate question: would I go back there? No. My husband and I like to travel and explore new places - so we rarely visit a same place twice. Nothing on island or the resort screamed to us: "please come back and stay again". Classes: I was scheduled for the following: 9:30 "morning stretch", 11 "Aquatic Fitness" (Aqua Zumba for me), and 5 PM cardio (Zumba for me). 2-4 people for the stretch, 8-25 for aqua, and 0 - 5 for Zumba. It is what it is! Enjoy your trip - the island is paradise,
Jul 9th, 2013 7:17:38am
You will become part of the entertainment team and perform your aqua and zumba class in front of all visitors at the resort. Not many people will show because you aren't allowed to announce them yourself and the sunscape newsletter is inconsistent with locations for the classes. It is very laid back and low key but overall an awesome time!!
kathy Lamia
May 23rd, 2013 11:23:59am
Sunscapes Curacao was my first trip with Fitbodies. I liked the entertainment team alot. I was a bit disappointed (as were the staff) in the fact that the new ownership did not allow them to use the microphone during the day to announce any of the classes that were going on. I felt that using it for the aqua fitness as well as the 5 pm cardio class on the pool deck would have helped to get more people to join in. My biggest class was the 11 am aqua fitness -loved it! I don't teach this at home (hate indoor pools) but love being out in the sun and able to jump in at the end with the participants.
Dana B
Jul 17th, 2011 8:00:00pm
Took my teenagers and worked at this resort June 6-14. Flights into this cute little island have been limited up till recently. American Airlines was the only direct flight out of Miami ($71/each way). The resort was nice, the rooms were huge, resturants fantastic, and all the staff were awesome. I was scheduled for 3 classes a day which I really determined based on my speciality. They were very flexible with this! And very optimistic too. No one came to 8:30am yoga, 2-5 people average in water classes, and only 1 evening class went. They really depended on the mic system around the pool to get the word out. But Curacao was beautiful! I stayed an extra 2 days at $125/nite. Take the "wild Curacao" tour it was so worth the $.
Oct 17th, 2010 8:00:00pm
This was our first trip to Curacao - my previous trips with Fit Bodies were to Breezes Bahamas. The resort in Curacao was great, and so were the people, from the Entertainment staff to the guests. We were there Oct 3-10. October is the beginning of their rainy season. We had one day of rain and the rest of the days were beautiful, with some showers, and one particularly wicked t-storm, at night. As a New Yorker with fairly high expectations for things in life, I have to say the resort is by no means the Ritz Carlton. However, the rooms are huge, clean, and the AC works well....your clothes don't smell like mildew when you get back home! The Entertainment Staff made sure that my programs were well announced....I taught at 8:30am, 11am and 5pm every day. 8:30am was land-based cardio (I don't teach yoga), 11am was Aqua, and 5pm was land-based again. To this resort I brought the intenSati program, and it was very well-received. I even taught in Spanish because there were a lot of Spanish speaking guests the week I was there. Overall I made a ton of new friends, and booked my next trip to Curacao the day after we got home! Definitely go out to some of the restaurants and nightlife in Willemstad while you are there. We ate breakfast at the resort and then would have dinner in town, but that is just beacuse my husband and I really like to immerse ourselves in the local culture wherever we go. We did eat dinner at the resort twice, and it was good....all inclusives never have the "best" food, but it's decent enough. Again, I have really high expectations on food though, so take that for what it's worth. PS - This resort WILL allow you to travel on days other than Sunday-Sunday. This is important to know because many airlines do NOT fly there on Sundays, but rather Saturdays. Do not skip out on the opportunity to go to Curacao because of the travel days. Entertainment is VERY flexible with this. Rehnan (manager) told me he wished more of the weeks there were booked with Fitness Pros, and we figured out it might have been the dates, so I promised him I would post when I got home. Go to Curacao!!!!
Haley Stone
Nov 12th, 2008 7:00:00pm
Overall - I had a fantastic time (November 2008) at Breezes Curacao. The staff was organized, the weather was beautiful, and island was unique, and the food was great. I would recommend this trip to everyone! Teaching - I taught Yoga at 8:30am for about 45 minutes, Aqua at 11:00am for about 30 minutes, and Salsa at 5:00pm for about 30 minutes. I taught M-F with only one rain out and Wednesday evening off for a total of 13 cl***es. Accommodations - The rooms are somewhat outdated, but HUGE and clean. We had a large balcony with a view of the ocean. The bathrooms were spacious, if outdated, and we had a steady supply of fresh towels. Beach/Pool - The pool was very large and pretty. The beach large too with plenty of lounge chairs and huts and palm trees to catch some shade. The beach was a little rough on the feet because of the nearby reef. Activities - The best part of the hotel!!!! We had great snorkeling and offshore diving. You could dive for FREE with no charge for equipment. I've never stayed at a resort that offered free offshore diving. If you want more dive trips, you can book them and launch from the hotel dock. They also had flying trapeze set up on the beach with safety net and harness, sailboat rides, kayaks, dance lessons, tons of games for kids, and more. ALL INCLUDED. The entertainment staff were wonderful! Food - Better than most resorts, they had fries, burgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, plenty of veggies, lots of protein choices each night, limited fruit, lots of deserts, cereal, bagels and more. They have 2 fancier restaurants on the site, Italian and Japanese Steakhouse. The Japanese was awesome. They cook right in front of you on a huge flat top grill. Other - email, gym, ping pong, chess, shuffleboard, gift shop, tours and car rental, casino, spa all on site. Culture - Four different languages spoken (Spanish, Dutch, English, Parliamentu). Willemstad was like a little Dutch town painted in bright colors. Don't miss a trip to see Willemstad and the markets. Don't miss a trip to Klein Curacao, an uninhabited island with great snorkeling, lighthouse, and wrecked ships.
Jill Farman
Mar 24th, 2008 8:00:00pm
I just returned from a week stay here with my husband and 2 children - age 2 and 6. It was truly an enjoyable trip. There was alot to do at the resort for all of us but we mostly enjoyed the pool and beaches. Be sure and do the animal encounter at the Sea Aquarium! Well worth it! I taught 3 cl***es from Mon - Fri 8:30am Yoga, 11:00 H20 aerobics, and 5:00pm step/ interval cl***. Had participants in all but 1 cl*** so that was great. Resort was clean for the most part - Resort was a little dated but they made up for it with their friendliness. Entertainment staff was great and Rehnan (entertainment manager) was ecspecially great! Enjoy!
Patty Jackson
Jan 18th, 2008 7:00:00pm
On Dec 9-16th my husband and I travelled to Curacao with our two children, daugther 15 and son 12. We all throughly enjoyed our week. Our room was big and clean, the food was good, drinks were cold. The beach is rocky but the water was warm and the sun was shining. There are something to do for everyone and the staff were accommodating. Snorkelling was very good, and the trapeze training was a thrill. I enjoyed receiving a schedule for the upcoming week under my door Sunday pm so I did not have to go find a staff member that was not there. The schedule included 9am Pilates of which I taught 3, 11am Aquafit everyday and 5pm Yoga on the beach which had participants 2 days. We rated the week and 3.5 in comparison to Breezes Montego Bay at 3 and the three Sandals we have exchanged with at 5+. We would go back for sure another time.
Dec 23rd, 2007 7:00:00pm
Visited Breezes Curacao 12/16/07 to 12/23/07. Enjoyed teaching there very much. At 9:00 I taught either step, kickbox interval or bootcamp. At 11:00 each day, I taught a aqua cl***, and at 5:00 there was a total body conditioning or stretch cl***. Attendance ranged from 1 to 9, with only 2 cl***es cancelled; one due to rain, the other due to it being the first cl*** on Monday, my late arrival to the resort Sunday nite and me not being able to find entertainment staff to get me started. Once I had met the staff, I had no problems getting cl***es anounced enthusiastically. They had a pretty good stereo system, and cl***es were supposed to be held on the pool deck, which is brick pavers. I chose to move them to the beach just beyond the pool area. The resort is very pretty, the clearest water I've seen in the Caribbean and a very nice beach. The pool area is also great, loved the swim up bar! The rooms are dated, and we had to move due to a plumbing leak in the room above ours which caused a nice rain in our bathroom. But we had a great ocean view. The food is nothing to write home about, but we did enjoy the japanese restaurant. We stuck to beer and wine at the bars, since the drinks were very weak. All in all, it was a great vacation.
Jul 16th, 2007 8:00:00pm
I have had the privilege of working with the Fit Bodies organization for several years now and always enjoy the experiences and adventures that accompany the travelling fit pro experience. That said, my experience at breezes Curacao left much to be desired. I just returned from a week on the island (7-8 to 7-15) and was very disappointed in the property itself, the food, and the general experience. The resort was under construction and multiple dimensions of the resort were not in working order. The pool was under construction and had been for the past 3 weeks. The hot tub was not only not hot, it was germ-infected and one little Dutch girl with whom I became acquainted developed a terrible skin rash requiring medical attention after being in the water. The room we had was sub par and infested with ants, and the food was mediocre. The ocean temperature was very cool for this time of the year, and the beach rocky as a result of the coral. In general, I was not impressed with the resort service or attention to detail. I do not consider myself unrealistic in expecation, and my husband and I were disappointed that we had not chosen another location. This resort is family-friendly, which is great if you have kids, and the island has a unique fusion of cultures, but in general, I would not recomend this location.
May 2nd, 2007 8:00:00pm
This was my first working vacation after teaching for 15 years. I'm Hooked!!! My stay was Mon, 4/16/07 through Monday, 4/23/07. They scheduled me Tues- Friday with the weekend off. On my arrival date Monday they introduced me with the Entertainment Team at a ****tail party by the pool. I had a wonderful experience at Breezes Curacao. I brought my husband, my 16 year old son, and my 15 year old daughter. There was so much to do all day and there was always "plan B" relaxing and taking in the beautiful views. This was a very friendly place. The staff were fun, helpful, and enthusiastic. I taught 3 cl***es a day. For the 9:00am cl*** I taught Muscle Conditioning or Power Walk & Stretch. The 11:00am is always an Aqua Cl***. I taught 5:00pm ZUMBA a fusion of International Dance & Fitness. The cl***es are taught on the pool deck. Yoga and Pilates may be taught in a shady area under trees. The food was fantastic! You may make reservations at the Japanese or Italian Resturants or no reservations nesessary at the outdoor grill and Jimmy's Buffet. I want to go back tomorrow!!! I miss my new friends!!! In Good Health, Lady-Ally ;)

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