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Theresa Johnson
Mar 8th, 2024 11:48:02am
This was a great teaching vacation. I taught two classes each day, Monday through Saturday. The Stretching class at 10am only had a few attend. Never more than 3. The Aqua Fit class at 11am was well attended. Had one day with only 4, but all other days I had 10-15 participants. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The beach was beautiful. The room was great, especially for the price. The food was really good. Would recommend Sunscape Curacao to any instructors who want to do a teaching vacation.
Feb 14th, 2024 10:26:59pm
The hotel staff were lovely. You have to be proactive with the entertainment team, lovely people but hands-off. Great if you are independent and don't need guidance (works for me.) The general yoga class was on a small portion of grass next to the shuffleboard court. There was only enough room for 4 people. The aqua yoga class was held in the pool. Great atmosphere, great group of people.
stacy locher
Nov 5th, 2023 9:08:08am
Sunscape is an easy 20 min drive from the airport so we used a taxi...Sunscape is a family friendly resort...many ages joined in classes! Stretch at 8am was only attended by a few but aqua aerobics was a hit! It was so fun meeting people from all over! The entertainment staff was fantastic, the beach itself is amazing...not a five star resort by any means....but classes were an absolute blast and the beach is incredible
Jul 3rd, 2023 11:24:06pm
The staff were easy to work with, and they walked around getting people to jump in my classes. Great beach and pool
Jun 22nd, 2023 5:44:10pm
We had a wonderful experience. It is an older facility without all the bells and whistles BUT the natural beauty makes up for it. We did upgrade our room and the view was STUNNING. Corner room with 2 glass walls that pushed back. We only closed them from around 4-6 pm. The rest of the time it was extremely comfortable with them open. Birds flew in and out! The upgrade gave us access to another pool (and bar) that wasn't crowded (we had a lot of spring breakers =0)) The staff was amazing and a well oiled machine. They give resort cash for attending activities that guests can use at auctions. The guests were really into it. I averaged 4 or 5 at yoga and 8-10 at aqua. You have to remember - YOU ARE ON AN ISLAND - so the food may not be what it is at some of the other resorts and that is ok. We are traveling for experiences not comparison, right? The staff was lovely, the beaches amazing and guess what? Hardly any humidity! We did the dune buggy tour - volcanic and coral beaches on the north side - lots of cactus and brush. They only get 12 inches of rain a year and it rained while we were there. The rain was lovely. We were up early to catch our 5:30 am shuttle that was an HOUR late. I asked the person at the desk what would happen if we missed our flight and he said the shuttle company would take care of us, so I quit worrying about that! We made the flight and even the airport staff was terrific. All and all, GREAT experience.
Mar 18th, 2023 11:22:22pm
Fabulous experience. Everyone was so friendly! Great classes. i can't wait to book again.
Jan 10th, 2023 2:19:39pm
Taught Aqua Zumba, Group Fitness... They requested a "Morning Stretch" class, which was held on the lawn outside in front of the spa & gym. The aqua or aqua Zumba class was held in the pool by the entertainment area, infinity pool right on the beach. They requested a music-free class for stretch but provided a few yoga mats to set up. I went & got the mats from the beach towel hut each day if they were not already placed out for me. A couple people used beach towels if there weren't enough mats & I used the towel to save up a mat for a guest. For the aqua Zumba class, they had a nice big speaker to use that I could either plug into or use bluetooth to connect to. Some days I used my iPhone & aux cord, some days I used my iPhone & connected to the speaker via bluetooth. There were some issues w/the bluetooth at first that later that got resolved so I had used the aux cord for backup a couple times. The entertainment team was AMAZING and the hotel staff were WONDERFUL! I cannot say this enough - the E-team made this whole experience just so fantastic and the hotel staff were so welcoming and kind. This was my first teaching vacation and I loved it! It was so much fun and such a special experience, I feel so grateful that this exists. Thank you!
Jan 3rd, 2023 11:02:55pm
The ET team here was great! Very friendly & helpful. It was a nice resort, not as nice as some, but the staff & the food were good. No one showed for yoga, so the mats were never used. Aqua Zumba was fun!
Jessica Baran
Jan 2nd, 2023 12:24:19am
This was my first teaching vacation and I loved every minute of it! Curaçao is just beautiful and the resort and the staff there were such a warm, inviting welcome. The entertainment team were AWESOME and truly made the stay itself and the teaching vacation so special and fun every single day. They were a pleasure to work with and I would definitely go back! The E-team manager had me do a 10am Morning Stretch class and 11:30am Aqua or Aqua Zumba class, each 30 mins. Good turnout for the classes and tons of fun!
Dec 19th, 2022 9:23:44am
The staff helps make this a great teaching vacation. Instructing classes is perfect. overall this was a wonderful trip. I plan on booking again in a few months.I taught Aqua Zumba. Resort provided music setup.
Jun 12th, 2022 12:08:09am
Very personable team to work with onsite. Great experience! Teaching Zumba formats here is wonderful.
Nov 28th, 2021 6:00:13pm
Hi, I taught Yoga, Aqua Zumba on the beach and in the pool all week! We arrived early so they checked us in and invited us to tour the property while we waited. The staff was friendly and staffed properly. The wi-fi and air conditioner stopped working our first night so they promptly moved us to a VIP unit. Nini was my ET contact and she was told to "take care of me" by Prince and Mari from Dreams! They are very incredible. She set me up with my duties and was helpful with my questions. They helped promote my classes and things went great. The bartenders, ET staff, servers and hotel staff were very kind and did a great job. I really enjoyed teaching at this resort. Attendance was 10-15 daily and the snorkeling at this resort, I don't think can be beat. I will return to this resort!
Aug 18th, 2021 6:21:27pm
I taught Yoga and Aqua Programming. 10:00 on the grass across from the spa for yoga, aqua was in the ocean. I started on the beach and 1/2 way through I got in the water. I had mats and the team set out the speaker for me. I brought my ipod with music. I used my small speaker and ipod for yoga and their speaker system for water aerobics. The Entertainment team announced my classes, I walked around and invited guests to join and they were posted on the Activity Board. Spending quality time with my companion/family, The beach, Teaching while also on vacation! ALL GREAT!
May 9th, 2021 11:23:32am
I taught yoga and aqua. Yoga ishelf on the plaza and they have mats, and excellent speaker for aqua programming. I loved this whole experience - amazing! Everything went pretty smoothly! We'll definitely do this again! Everyone there was so nice! We had some hiccups with confirming class times, but everything seemed to work fine in the end. Entertainment team was fun and friendly. It was amazing! Can't believe we waited so long to do this!
Cynthia, Chicago, Illinois
Dec 11th, 2019 2:02:03pm
Yoga classes were small, 3-4 participants at the most. The students that attended all knew yoga & practiced at home. Ages 30-45. I could teach longer Vinyassa flows with this group & everyone got a good workout with some meditation at the end. The water classes were more popular and had all ages even some kids a few days. We did stretches & exercise to upbeat music. It was s fun class!!
Mar 28th, 2019 2:16:16pm
I taught at this resort Feb 24 - Mar 3, 2019. I was scheduled to teach (2) 30 minute classes Mon - Sat: 10:00am Stretch and 11:30am Aqua Zumba. The stretch class increased in attendance each day - From 3 - to 10 people. The Aqua Zumba class was well attended with daily average 20 -25 people. The resort is very small and intimate.
May 23rd, 2018 10:52:49am
Each day I taught a stretch class at 10 am for 20 mins which consisted of 3 people and an aqua zumba class at 11:30am for 30 mins which consisted of roughly 15 people. The stretch class wasn't marketed well but they did a great job with the Zumba class. The entertainment team was amazing and friendly. I kept the classes really simple especially Zumba as they preferred the simple choreography. The resort overall was amazing as we traveled with my 6 month old and it was family friendly. I couldn't have asked for a better teaching vacation!
Feb 6th, 2018 3:58:13pm
Yoga was a 45 minute class held in the morning with 5-9 participants. At the beginning it was held at 10 am, but guests were early risers and following my personal practice on the beach at 8 am. The entertainment director took my feedback and we moved yoga up to 8 am with the exception of one sunset class. One day I held a sunset class with 10 folks due to me wanting to hike the island's highest mountain and entertainment director suggested we move the class to sunset so that I can enjoy this outdoor adventure and not be rushed to hike down in time to teach. It worked perfectly because then I had a lot of new faces of people who were returning from day excursions who wanted a wind-down stretch before dinner. I promoted the class change in time in the days leading up to it and encouraged folks coming from aqua zumba to give yoga a try, which led to a lot of new faces. I was under the impression that yoga was slotted to be one hour, but the resort said people just expect 45 min. I suspect because of day excursions, etc. I'd end class at 45 minutes, and ask anyone interested in guided meditation to remain for another 15 minutes. Typically half the class would remain for meditation. Instructors must bring their own speaker for yoga as the entertainment team has other things going on at the same time and yoga can't monopolize the speaker. I anticipated this and brought my own. Aqua Zumba was held before lunch everyday in the ocean. I planned an hour long class, but was told to keep it to 25-30 minutes because people are on vacation and not expecting a long workout. Turnout was typically anywhere from 15-30 people of all ages and kids. We held it one day in the pool, but the class size got so big that we had to keep it in the ocean the remainder of the week. It worked fine because there are no waves with the rock barrier just off the shoreline, so the water is calm and people would venture in as deep as they felt comfortable. There was coral in the ocean though that having water shoes is advisable. Speakers are provided for the zumba class and the entertainment team does a good job of promoting it in the half hour before class, so turn out was large daily. I kept the playlists and sequences unique each day, which people told me they really loved. At the end of each class, I'd have everyone circle up and we'd do "cool down" yoga stretches together before bringing our hands in to end with a little shimmy and group hollar of Curacao.
Ann. E
Mar 27th, 2017 1:47:04pm
This was a very laid back resort and it was a smaller property so you really got to know everyone who participated. I felt that the staff treated me like family as soon as I got there and offered total support. Really great experience.
Donna Kederer
Mar 1st, 2017 7:23:23pm
Suns ape Curaçao is a beautiful property. Entertainment staff easy to work with. I met with them upon arrival and others came and introduced themselves the next day. The speaker was always ready near the ocean for use in the water class. I taught in the water to interact with guests. Bring water shoes if you plan to teach in the ocean! Yoga was taught outside the gym on the lawn. Class attendance was anywhere from 6-10 people. As other reviews have noted the flyers are only posted on the towel hut. I brought extra, but they weren't used. That said, I loved that both classes were in the morning. We were lucky to have a room right near the gym so I could quickly change between classes. Sandscape Curaçao is a great resort!
Frannie Danzinger
Dec 2nd, 2016 7:12:46am
Sunscape Curacao is a resort that my family and I have traveled to at least 7 times! Some years, we went multiple times a year. The resort is smaller with a perfect sized pool. The warm beach front is very calm and has an amazing area for snorkeling with the most beautiful fish! I traveled to this resort when my children were a bit younger and they loved it! Classes were always full and busy the entertainment staff is simply amazing! They have all become life-long friend of mine and my children! It is most definitely a family-oriented resort located in a beautiful part of the world!
Manon K.
Jun 29th, 2016 5:14:50am
I taught two classes back to back. A 30 minute stretching / yoga class outside on Matt. Between 2 and 7 participants. Aqua class was taught in the ocean I stood on the beach. Generally five to eight participants per class. The facility had a large loudspeaker system to broadcast music over the beach. I taught at 10 o'clock in the morning for stretch / yoga and at 11 a.m. for akwa.Sunscapes is a lovely property. They have one of the nicest beaches in the area of Curacao. A little Spanish would go a long way with the aqua class. Easy moves only as most people are not that familiar with what you're teaching but they are very cheerful and want to participate.
Jermaine N
Jun 27th, 2016 5:31:01am
This was a very fun and friendly resort, the entertainment team does an exceptional job at making this resort the best experience. Never a dull moment, and lots of activities for you to choose from.
Jolene P
Jun 6th, 2016 7:01:52am
Teaching times were great class attendance was anywhere from 5-18 in yoga and water aerobics. I love going to Curacao!
May 19th, 2016 8:32:01am
I Met with the assistant manager the Sunday I arrived to get the schedule as follows, stretch at 10 am half hour about 2 to 8 people, and beach zumba at 11 for half hour. Participants were in the ocean and I was on sand. I had about 20 to 25 people. The entertainment staff wasnt readily around so on a few occasions I would have to find someone to set up the speakers for the music for my class at 11. I had brought my own small speaker for the stretch class ( I always bring one in case) The rest was fine, they had a great kids club, enough beach chairs, 4 a la carte restaurants which were pretty good I loved the out door seafood restuarant Oceana. Service was great. The buffet was small, food variety was ok. Lobby bar and area was great, and free wi fi, huge bonus! Overall I had a great time!

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