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Dreams Sapphire Resort and Spa

Family Resort

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Nov 15th, 2023 8:36:59pm
Hardest working E-team I’ve seen to date! Everyone at this resort is kind and courteous. This resort is so underrated. The hotel is beautiful, the spa is great, and my daughter had a blast at the Explorer’s Club.
Sep 10th, 2023 6:51:21pm
They were friendly and helpful. The clinics went awesome. It was wonderful we had so much fun, I have already recommended it to a bunch of friends.
Jul 28th, 2023 10:33:04pm
The entertainment staff were fairly helpful, not nearly as helpful as I have experienced on past trips, but still very nice :) All yoga wise was good and I am SUPER thankful for this opportunity -- this resort was just not nearly as nice as advertised as far as food and service, etc. Was super overcrowded -- no restaurants to have lunch in other than buffet or poolside grill (whereas other ones had sit down options) and restaurants had up to 2 hour waits for dinner and some did not have air conditioning (and it was super hot). Fit Bodies is truly awesome
Heather Starr
Jun 27th, 2023 1:14:23am
My family and I stayed at this resort in late October/early November - it was lovely - we enjoyed the food and different restaurants. What was disappointing was that I didn't have 1 person show up to any of my classes. The entertainment team was not interested in helping me advertise for the yoga classes, or help me round up people for it. There was no information posted anywhere about the yoga classes. Guests had to download an app to find out what was being offered. I also had to lug the mats from the entertainment storage room to the pool area each day by myself and each day not one person showed up. I made the most of it and went about my day, enjoying the result. The demographic was young/ party scene, not family oriented like I had expected, as we stayed at Sunscape Akumal the week before and it was a very different demographic. The Dreams Sapphire demographic was mainly very American, and 20's to 30's. Whereas Akumal (which is near Tulum, an hour away) was more mixed with many South American families, British families and Canadians. Dreams Sapphire was a nicer resort in terms of quality of food and the rooms were nicer, entertainment was incredible (especially for Halloween and Day of the Dead), my kids loved the kids club which is unlike them, but I actually prefer Akumal for the resort layout and the beach was much nicer and overall vibe. It was better for families for sure.
May 22nd, 2023 9:38:14am
I taught Zumba, Corefirst. The hotel staff is great and the entertainment team is phenomenal! Teaching vacations are now a part of my fitness career going forward. After the first one, you'll be hooked!
Dec 9th, 2022 6:21:26am
I was the tennis instructor - Anahi and Carly who run the entertainment were amazing, kind, helpful and empathetic. The doctor on site was excellent and Rosario at check in was extremely friendly and professional, and went out of her way to help me. The fit bodies team did an excellent job communicating and supporting my family throughout the trip. The entertainment team at Dreams Sapphire made me feel welcome and part of their team. It was great to teach and meet a lot of people throughout the vacation from my classes. I recommend doing a teaching vacation with Fit Bodies.
Oct 16th, 2022 9:31:41pm
We really enjoyed this place. Happy and friendly staff. They really care and trying to help with any request! The resort a bit on the older side, however food quality, service, location are amazing, so i would rate it quite high!
Jul 17th, 2022 10:15:50pm
Extremely friendly and personable. Enjoyed all my interactions with the entertainment staff so much that I would trust them with my 16 month old son as I would know he is in good hands. I enjoyed coaching tennis while on vacation. Providing value to guest and seeing them with a smile both enjoying their time on the tennis court and improving their game internally makes me feel good. Also it was awesome going on our first family vacation with our 16 month old son as look forward to many more wonderful experiences. I like the ease of the booking experience. Onsite, they have Tennis racquets, basket for tennis balls and tennis balls. I walked around and invited guests to join, The Entertainment team walked around and invited guests to join, too. The guests appreciate meeting me and hearing a bit about what a tennis session with me with like. More tennis vacation choices will be great!
Sarah T
Jul 3rd, 2022 2:51:57pm
First of all, I realize that we may have have picked the best time to come here, considering we were still in pandemic mode. Because of this, there was a lot of things that were not open, and they were not advertised as such, The kids club was shut down and being renovated which was devastating, because we brought out Kids for the first time. The entertainment staff were nice, although they did not let me teach everyday, It was as if they did not trust me to lead a good class... This was my second vacation with the organization and I have been an instructor for over a decade. Classes were small, and they told me that I needed to go around the pool deck and ask people to join, but they had already asked everyone multiples times themselves and it made me uncomfortable to be made to pester guests. The last time, the entertainment team took care of getting people together. All in all it wasn't a great experience. I went in April of 2021, and it could be better by now.
Melanie Walters
Jan 16th, 2022 9:02:28pm
Dreams Sapphire was an amazing place! I just came back today. I was there the week of January 9th teaching Pilates. 2 classes a day. 8am stretching and 9am Pilates. Out of the 12 classes I think I taught half. The resort was about 60% full. Javier the entertainment director was very helpful with showing me where to grab mats in the AM. Classes are taught beach front on a cement platform, gorgeous views. They also play relaxing music staring at 8am. I took a Bluetooth speaker but didn’t need it. I traveled w my husband and 4 year old daughter. The kids club will keep 3-8 year olds from 930-1130. Then an evening session 530-930pm. Really try to engage the kids with different activities and crafts. The food was delicious! The classes are advertised on the AMR app to help get participation. Safety protocols are in place and are followed! Always a great experience when teaching. Reach out if you have any questions. [email protected]

Dreams Sapphire